GeoTagging and privacy concerns: I don’t give a F…


While I do believe that we are exposed to an information overdose, the human mind becomes accustomed to filter irrelevant stimuli from its perception. Each day you receive a lot of information in single serving size but ¿How much do you really care about? Most of it is gossip, jokes,  puppies, cats, fails and animated gifs. It’s disposable information.

I guess that privacy concerns regarding geotagging, tweets, checkins, texting (and sexting) are exaggerated. The information was always there for anyone who really wanted to stalk you. If a burglar wanted to know at what time you leave home in the morning, he didn’t need to see your check ins, he just needed to sit across the street at watch you leave.

It’s not that we are much more exposed than 20 years ago. It’s just that we are now self-aware of that exposure. It’s true that in these days you can gather information about anyone without leaving your chair. Right, but really, guys, do you think nobody knew nothing about you before the internet?

IRS knows what do you have and how much do you earn. Government knows about your taxes, real estate, your children education and your car. The phone company knows your number, how much do you speak and with whom. Your ex girlfriends know how good you are in bed, and her friends know too. Her new boyfriend gets a warning on what you did wrong so he won’t do it.

I’m not really concerned about privacy in the geotagging age. I know nothing stays really concealed for too long, and I can deal with it. Everybody has to, eventually.

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